NeverRain-Phoenix Computer Fermentation System

“NeverRAIN” advances from “Word-class” Quality Standards, Word-class Taiwan Agriculture”. Introducing the branded agriculture is not only through the products, but also with the internationally recognized and adopted quality systems, powerful agriculture resources, first tier technologies, good practice factories, and professional experts, to forge the Taiwan upmost private and independent system and operations.

NeverRain is the first agricultural service brand in Taiwan which is certified by ISO9001 International Quality Management System. It cooperate with AGBT company, which own the biggest scale and the most complete system in Taiwan in High microbial technology area.


Phoenix Computer fermentation system using reverse osmosis principle pressure and make the water molecules penetrate film to produce pure water, moreover, a variety of impurities can not pass through the waste water as the discharge. This equipment can filter bacteria and harmful substances.


 The standard of the Phoenix Computer fermentation system cost 170,000 dollars each which can be customized according to different requirement.

Supporting services

Lessons about equipment techniques, field technology, microbial applications or international verification and professional skills. Nearly one hundred of logistics team and agricultural technical experts can provide assistance anytime.